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Balance Collection

Balance collection is a series of black-and-white limited-edition prints that explore a precarious search for equilibrium. Using geometric shapes and lines to create tension, the artist presents fleeting moments of stillness and fluidity, lightness and density, freedom and confinement. By offering an interplay between dualities hidden deep within the sub-conscious mind, these abstract minimal works invite the viewer to embrace the wonder of what may seem imperfect to a polarised eye.

The Joy of Life Collection

The Joy of Life is a series of black-and-white limited-edition prints that depict the female figure in various exaggerated balloon-like forms. While these graphical protrusions appear dense and heavy, the simplicity and whimsicality of the shapes exude an air of lightness and weightlessness. Even though the figures seem to carry a heavy burden, their postures communicate nonchalance; they wear their baggage graciously with pride, unashamed, and in full acceptance of their individuality. This paradox speaks to the power of perception in how we choose to interpret our struggles and life experiences.

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