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Eline Verheul (b.1990) is a visual artist from the Netherlands. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Art and Design in Education at HKU University of the Arts (2013). Eline has been based in Colombo, Sri Lanka since 2014, where she encountered a life-altering experience that ignited her into a newness of life, guiding her into a reality beyond the natural, and the meta-awareness of witnessing and be-ing. Rooted in abstract expressionism, Eline’s large scale paintings appear to be in a state of flux. The artist draws on her transformational journey to convey a constant pursuit of personal and spiritual discovery. Seeking the no-thing that creates all-things, her work strives to make her audience experience themselves as complete embodied and spiritual beings, free from the limitations of the human mind.

IMG_5742 2.jpg

Pictures will be uploaded soon

for now visit @eline_verheul to see my work

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